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# create a new bucket with your email
$ curl -d ''

# set an integer key
$ curl -d '100'

# increment it (atomic)
$ curl -d '+1' -XPATCH

# set a string key
$ curl -d 'oatmeal'

# list keys in the bucket by prefix
$ curl

# delete the bucket and its keys
$ curl -XDELETE
key value database Key Value Database
Centralized Data Collection

Simple. Powerful.

Whether you use one bucket or a thousand buckets to store your keys, KVdb makes it easy to read and write key-value data for any business use case. Secure your database by using access tokens that restrict which keys users can read and write. Great for most apps with user accounts. View API Docs
Store key value pairs in KVdb from multiple sources
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# create a completely private bucket
# keys can be updated later via the API or web interface
$ curl -d '' \
       -d 'secret_key=supersecret' \
       -d 'read_key=readsecret'    \
       -d 'write_key=writesecret'  \

# create a new bucket with a secret key to prevent
# others from listing your keys or deleting them
$ curl -d ''

# make bucket read-only and require a key for setting values
$ curl -d 'write_key=knock' -XPATCH

# delete bucket
$ curl -u 'safety:' -XDELETE
# set an integer key
$ curl -d '100'

# increment it
$ curl -d '+1' -XPATCH

# set a string key
$ curl -d 'oatmeal'

# get a key
$ curl

# list keys by prefix
$ curl

# delete a key
$ curl -XDELETE
# permanent non-expiring keys
$ curl -d 'default_ttl=0' -XPATCH \

# a simple Lua script to count events
$ cat count.lua
kvdb.header["content-type"] = "text/plain"
local key ="visitors:%Y-%m-%d")
local err = kvdb.incr(key, 1)
if err then

local value = kvdb.get(key)

# upload to KVdb
$ curl --data-binary @count.lua -XPUT \

# run it
$ curl
$ curl
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